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20 Jul

Crowdsource help: Why am I a journalist?

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Attention all working and non-working journalists: I need your help!

We’ve been furloughed, laid off, and have been poorly paid for decades. We’ve worked long hours, have lost relationships over breaking news and been promised that we “not only will survive, but thrive.”

We’re are some of the smartest, creative, passionate, witty people that serve the community. And based on emails and comments, they aren’t all fans.

So, why? Why the heck are we journalists?!?!? What drives you to chose this career… this lifestyle?

I want to put a crowdsourced, multimedia presentation together answering this question… and I need your help.

Please take a moment and email me, tweet me, call me (213-290-5067 and leave a voicemail) or send me a link to your video answer. Keep it short and to the point. Feel free to submit multiple responses.

Here are some of my reasons why I’m a journalist:

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· I LOVE knowing more than other people. “Yeah, that’s a great story on A1, but here’s the stuff we couldn’t put in…”

· While I’m shy, there is no bigger honor than hearing someone’s unique story… and then having the challenge and privilege in telling/sharing their story with others.

· My attention span and curiosity would drive me nuts in another profession, in journalism it’s an asset.

· Because I want to be part of the Fourth f**king Estate, the profession protected by our constitution.

The audience is for new journalism students and those needing a reminder of why we put up with this abusive relationship.

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