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05 May

Happy May Fourth (be with you) Day: My favorite Star Wars inspired memes

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In honor of May Fourth Day, here is a collection of my favorite Star Wars inspired Internet memes, video shows, ads and more.

Perhaps the greatest Web show ever is the story of Darth’s brother Chad Vader. Chad is a day shift manager at a local grocery store:

Chad made a spoof video called Chad after dentist, based on David after dentist.

One of the newest Internet memes and, I have to admit, one of my top favorites:

Also somewhat new, this video proves that light sabers can make anyone look like a bad ass… including old men:

The Super Bowl has been the home of freakin’ awesome commercials, and last year Volkswagen came out with one of the best… ever:

Robot Chicken, to me, is one of the best shows with pop culture, tech and geek references made just for my generation. They were one of the first to come out with a Star Wars parody and it’s full of great moments. One of the quickest ones makes me giggle at their cleverness:

Ponda Baba’s bad day and The Emperor’s Phone Call are also great scenes.

The Family Guy series, like Robot Chicken, is another my generation source of hilarity. They also did a Star Wars parody called Blue Harvest, filled with great moments. I don’t know why, but for some reason, this is my favorite:

This makes no logical sense whatsoever … but it’s catchy and hilarious:

This one is more than Star Wars, this video is an incredible ‘cappella tribute medley‘ to Star Wars (and other movie composer) John Williams.

This to me sums up the love the Internet has for this little Sci-Fi movie. Star Wars Uncut is a completely crowdsourced labor of fan love:

Star Wars: Uncut Trailer from Casey Pugh on Vimeo.

There are tons of these LEGO, stop animation short films. This one, inspired by comedian Eddie Izzard, is great:

One of the most popular is called Lego Star Wars – Christmas Special

No Star Wars, Internet meme collection would be complete with the first and classic Star Wars kid:

The kid is all right… you can read a ‘where is he now’ piece here.

Okay, this is not a video, but a bonus… one day I plan to buy this for my kid: ThinkGeek‘s Tauntaun Sleeping Bag