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12 Dec

Guest on O’Reilly Radar Podcast

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I was fortunate to join Jon Bruner and Jenn Webb, co-hosts of the Radar Podcast for a roundtable discussion with Mark Trammell (of Sonos, previously of Obama HQ and Twitter) and Rebekah Monson (of the University of Miami) during NewsFoo last month.

31 Jul

Legacy Media and New Media meet, clash (respectfully) in Slashfilm podcast

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I just finished listening to an amazing discussion in the recent /Filmcast [Episode 109, posted July 26th, 2010].

The /Filmcast is a podcast from the movie review site Slashfilm, and features hosts David Chen, Devindra Hardawar, and Adam Quigley.

I’ve been listening to the podcast for about a year. There are some good things and there are some bad things … but I find it engaging and entertaining enough.

What prompted me to write this late night post was their recent “after dark” bonus episode that featured New York PressArmond White as their guest.

The episode starts with a respectful, but heated discussion about the “State of Film Criticism.” White eloquently describes his discontent and, quite frankly, disgust with how the Internet has soiled the art and professionalism of film criticism.

“I do think it is fair to say that Roger Ebert destroyed film criticism,” he says at one point. In short, because of Ebert and the Internet, people are writing as fans, not as real critics.

The hosts, if you haven’t figure it out yet, are the exact people he claims are the products of this mess and are the ones ruining the professional field.

I’m not going to describe it or debate it … I just want you to listen to it and think about it. Why?

Because this is the exact clash we’ve been going through in Journalism. Web, paper, pixel, airwaves… pick a technology, distribution method, whatever… this is still a touchy subject. And I think this moment, in this podcast, both sides met… debated… and walked away.


Hear the episode: AD Ep. 109 – The State of Film Criticism and Inception Theories (GUEST: Armond White from New York Press)

Also, I do want to applaud both sides for having the courage to have this discussion. Props to /Filmcast for inviting the wide array of film critics/reviewers (choose your title), including White. Props to White for talking straight while being a guest on a very show he feels undercuts his profession.

There was a piece written about the exchange posted on Slashfilm.

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