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02 Apr

Zoom Backgrounds

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We all cope in different ways. Me? I often turn to photoshop or make memes.

While COVID19 has us hunkered down in place, Zoom backgrounds can be one tiny bright spot to have fun.

Here are some that I made and/or collected.

BBC Interview Interrupted:
I rebuild this room by mashing up different videos to get it just right… and I added the chair. This is, by far, my favorite background. It works perfectly!

Now as a video!

It’s Fine:
Not mine and not my original idea, but I live this background.

Some Zoom accounts can use videos as backgrounds, so here is an animated/looped version.

Homer and the Hedge:
This meme makes for a great zoom backdrop.

IT Crowd:
The classic set from The IT Crowd

Groundhog Day:
These days feels like the movie Groundhog Day, so here are some backgrounds to match.

Mario Kart:
Itsame! Here are some backgrounds I’ve made relating to the classic game. Letsago!

Beautiful architecture is part of the award-winning movie Parasite.

Class TRON:
Per request, I made a collection of classic TRON related backgrounds.

A collection of TRON Legacy backgrounds.

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